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��ǩ: always around bought do How ill last time to wants
China has made a great contribution _____ preventing SARS.пӢ
The man is very ill.A doctor must be ______right now.пӢ
Edison is said to_____the first telephone.пӢ
A ___school boy, LiLida, first tried to swim across the Qiongzhou Channel in JuпӢ
Lily thinks foreign languages are as ______ as science subjects. пӢ
Many SARS patients _______ and are allowed to leave the hospitals.пӢ
---_____is your father? ---A doctor in a local hospital..пӢ
-- Don t play football in the classroom. --___________. пӢ
There will be a lot of difficulties for us ____.пӢ
We re going to help____ the trees.пӢ
The book is said___into many foreign languages.пӢ
The questions now ____ at the meeting are of great importance.пӢ
You didn t hear us come in last night. That s good. We tried ____ noisy.пӢ
This book isn t well written. I don t think it worth ___ .пӢ
The policeman told the children _____play in the street.пӢ
The little boy ate a big meal _____he said he wasnt hungry.пӢ
--Wow! What a nice dress you are wearing! --___________.пӢ
The students will go to the Summer Palace if it ________tomorrow. пӢ
I find this book ____.пӢ
If you re a good boy, we ll let you ___ the television tonight.пӢ

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